Expert Lecture Series on "Omics Technologies / Bio-informatics Analyses" organized in the GROWTH network

With Covid-19 greatly affecting the fellows' training programme, the GROWTH consortium organizes an Expert Lectures Series on a relevant topic chosen by the students.

As of December 2020 an Expert Lecture Series with "Omics technologies / Bio-informatics analyses) as main training theme is being organized with specialist lecture every other Friday. Till now the following lectures have taken place or are planned till May 2021.


Dr. Andrew Li Yim (DSCN Research): RNA sequencing - Transcriptomics.

Dr. Evgeni Levin (HorAIzon): Machine learning approaches.

Dr. Hilde Herrema (Amsterdam UMC): Bacteriophages.

Drs. Deepak Balamurali (Maastricht University): Next-Gen Sequencing: Design & Overview.

Dr. Theo Hakvoort (Amsterdam UMC): Fungal ITS sequencing.

Dr. Marcus de Goffau (University of Cambridge): Reagent contamination in sequencing studies.

Dr. Andrew Li Yim (DSCN Research): Single cell RNA sequencing.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Ahmed Hegazy (Charite University Berlin): Cytokines in the pathogenesis of Inflammatory bowel diseases.