GROWTH Network

The GROWTH consortium, funded by the European Commission (2019-2023), is made up to train a new generation of researchers working on new pathological insights, biomarker diagnostics and personalized nutritional interventions for intestinal failure in neonates and preterm infants.


Academic and industry partners, covering various disciplines ranging from fundamental research to clinical paediatrics and analytical chemistry to organoid and gut-on-chip applications, have teamed up in the European Union.

Research Programme

GROWTH aims to set-up a new European platform that trains young scientists in the industry-led exploration of innovative routes to fully exploit the potential of early life nutrition to prevent inflammatory disease. GROWTH coordinates 8 individual research projects.


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TNO launches their new Early Life Campaign

With this new inititative, TNO presents their multidisciplinary approach to better understand underlying biological mechanisms and identify potential targets for support or intervention. This Early life programme comprises a systems approach and is embedded within the broader TNO organisation. It spans from biomedical research, non-invasive health and disease risk measurements, development tracking, tools to support caretakers/-givers, to the implementation of more effective intervention strategies.

More information can be found HERE.