How are we doing? Our mid-term check

Recently, DSCN Research kindly hosted the project mid-term check meeting.

As the GROWTH programme receives funding from the European Union, we are held accountable for how we spend it and how we adhere to the goals of our programme. That is why we have to complete numerous reports about our progress, but we also have to organize a mid-term check with the REA Projec Officer. Our meeting started with a short introduction of everyone involved. We then watched a presentation given by our REA Project Officer on the monitoring of project implementation, reporting and the purpose of the mid-term check. This was followed by a report presented by our project coordinator, Drs. Paul Bessems. He summarised the managerial aspects of the programme and the progress we made in GROWTH in terms of recruitment of the ESRs, completing the milestones and the deliverables such as creating our Data Management Plan.

The Early Stage Researchers embedded in the GROWTH programme, were asked to prepare a presentation. They talked about their background, the progress they made in their research projects, as well as the training they are getting as GROWTH members, their future plans as well as the impact of the GROWTH programme they expect on their careers. As a close-knit group of ESRs, they are aware of what the others are doing in their projects, but still it was very interesting to hear about the collaborations and secondments all fellow ESRs are planning with each other already. As most of them have only 3 years to finish their doctoral research, it is good news they are already so far ahead in our projects. The ESRs also had a session with the REA Project Officer on their own, where they could ask any questions about the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions they might have. The Project Officer then also had a meeting with our project coordinator and the principal investigators. We ended our check with the feedback from the REA Project Officer on the output of the network midterm check.