ESR Project 1

The PhD student will deploy untargeted NMR on a unique neonatal faecal sample set to develop multivariate models for clinical outcome prediction for intestinal failure in preterm neonatesbased on NMR and MS data sets. Next, he/she will develop a UPLCMS assay for the quantified analysis of faecal bile acids, short chain fatty acids and metabolite species identified by the NMR experiments that will be followed by MS analysis and the development of a novel lipidomic analysis of neonatal faecal samples for biomarker discovery using REIMS analysis. The second part of this project entails the bio-informatics integration of NMR and MS/REIMS data with fungisome and microbiome genomic data sets to generate mechanistic insights of co-metabolic pathways. He/she will also study the clinical feasibility of candidate biomarkers.


- Gut Research

- Academic Medical Center (Dept. of Surgery & Tytgat Institute for Liver and Intestinal Research)

- Maastricht University Medical Center (Dept. of Surgery)

- TNO Research (Dept. of Microbiology & Systems Biology)

Host Institution

Imperial College London


  • Dr J. Kinross (Dept. of Surgery)
  • Prof. Z. Takats (National Phenome Center)