ESR Project 1

Maria Sani

Maria Sani is a PhD candidate at the Imperial College in London. Before starting her PhD, she worked in pharmaceutical industry as an R&D analytical scientist. Regarding her academic profile she obtained a MEng in Chemical Engineering (University of Patras, Greece) and a MSc in Pharmaceutical Analysis – Quality Control (University of Athens, Greece).

Her project focuses on the effects of gut microbiome diversity and development on responses of preterm septic infants. The main goal is to map and validate the microbiome pathway or shift for prediction of Necrotising enterocolitis (NEC) and Late-onset sepsis (LOS) by employing Omics science. Therefore, the primary outcome would be a possible diagnostic test based on significant biomarkers of these diseases in order to allow insights into how to prevent or reduce these dysregulations. Finally, these possible biomarkers would be tested using intestinal organoids in order to validate the final disease - predictive model in a controlled environment that imitates the human gut.

Host Institution

Imperial College London

Main supervisor: Prof. Dr. James Kinross