ESR Project 2

This PhD student will first measure ELISA-based biomarkers and define protein markers using targeted proteomics in fecal samples. He/she will also develop 2D and 3D fetal human organoids to employ interventional strategies using microbiota/nutritional components to improve intestinal healing. Also, gut barrier function measurements will be performed in organoids using advanced wound healing assays. The second part of this project entails the set-up of a large animal model (preterm pig) for NEC to validate the earlier findings in vivo. Eventually, he/she will apply targeted proteomics in intestinal tissue samples in which proteins of interest will be investigated, supporting further clinical implementation of the results of the project.


- Reckitt Benckiser

- University of Copenhagen (Dept. of Nutrition, Exercise, and Sports)

Host Institution

Academic Medical Center


  • Dr J. Derikx (Dept. of Paediatric Surgery)
  • Prof. E. van Heurn (Dept. of Paediatric Surgery)