ESR Project 3

Naomi Wieser

The PhD candidate for this project is Naomi Wieser from Switzerland. She did her bachelor at Bard College (USA), where she graduated in sciences. She then went on and got her master’s degree at the University of Lausanne (CH) in biomedical sciences.

Naomi is working on several projects. Primarily, Naomi is working on developing a Multiplex PCR to be used for 3D in vitro cell cultures. Her work includes the analysis of large data sets and write assay specific scripts to design an assay that will be usable on 3D in vitro cell cultures to characterize inflammation and its signaling pathways. This non-academic work is conducted at DSCN Research.

Secondly, she focuses more on the role of AhR ligands found in breast milk and gut development.

In her third project, she studies the role of bile acids in response to diet treatment in Crohn’s disease pediatric patients. She will look at the effects of these bile acids on the development of cell lines and organoids. Furthermore, the aim will focus on looking at whether the bile acids are a cause or directly responsible for the response to treatment in these patients. The latter two projects are supervised by Amsterdam University Medical Center, TNO Research and Imperial College London.

Host Institution

DSCN Research


Main supervisor: Drs. Paul Bessems

Academic supervisors: Dr. Rene van den Wijngaard (Amsterdam University Medical Center) & Dr. James Kinross (Imperial College London)