ESR Project 5

This PhD student will study the role of enteric glial cells in anastomotic leakageby (1) NGS analysis of leaking and non-leaking anastomosis in a mouse model, (2) analysis on anastomotic healing upon an ischemia/reperfusion injury (I/R), (3) transcriptional analysis of enteric glial cells in vivo in Sox10ERT-Ribotag mice upon I/R, (4) confirmation of the in vivo data in primary enteric glial cell cultures, and (5) analysis of anastomotic healing in mice after administration of new identified enteric glia derived mediators. The second part of this project entails the investigation of the role of ischemic glial cells on barrier integrity and enterocyte function using mouse and human fetal organoids and (enterocyte and enteric glial) cell lines. Also, he/she will analyse metabolic changes of enteric glial during and upon ischemia in vitro.


- Gut Research

- Academic Medical Center (Dept. of Paediatric Surgery & Tytgat Institute for Liver and Intestinal Research)

Host Institution

University Hospital Bonn


  • Prof. S. Wehner (Dept. of Surgery)
  • Prof. J. Kalff (Dept. of Surgery)