ESR Project 6

This PhD student will study the pathogenesis of postoperative ileus and anastomotic leakage. First, he/she will conduct clinical research using pre- and post-operative fecal samples from the ongoing REVEAL trial (patients with anastomotic leakage after colorectal surgery). In specific he/she will isolate DNA and perform microbiota (16S) and mycobiota (ITS1) analyses of anastomotic leakage vs. non- anastomotic leakage samples and post-operative ileus vs. non-post-operative ileus samples. The second part of this project includes preclinical work with on transplantation of germ-free mice to associate microbiota to anastomotic leakage, perform anastomotic leakage model on transplanted mice and validate these findings in human trial material. Eventually, he/she will identify therapeutic targets and develop interventional strategies.


- Gut Research

- Academic Medical Center (Tytgat Institute for Liver and Intestinal Research & Microbiota Center Amsterdam)

- Maastricht University Medical Center (Dept. of Surgery)

- TNO Research (Dept. of Microbiology & Systems Biology)

Host Institution

University Hospital Bonn


  • Prof. W. de Jonge (Dept. of Surgery)
  • Prof. S. Wehner (Dept. of Surgery)