ESR Project 7

The PhD student will design and validate a gut-on-a-chip microfluidic system by (1) defining the chip specifications based on identified end users and outcomes requirements, (2) test and determine most suited materials, (3) design and prototype the chip, (4) characterize the chip (optically, thermally) and perform quality assurance, and (5) validate  the gut-on-a-chip system by testing in wet lab conditions and compare it with 2D and 3D organoid cultures. The second part of this project entails the investigation ofAhR ligands and IL-22 in feces of preterm infants in relation to delivery mode and nutrition. He/she will also characterize the microbial intestinal ecology in feces of preterm infants and study the role of AhR and IL-22 in gut development in preterm and neonates. Lastly, the mechanisms of action of AhR producing bacteria and AhR ligands will be assessed in gut development using the newly established gut-on-a-chip system.


- Academic Medical Center (Tytgat Institute for Liver and Intestinal Research)

- VU Medical Center (Dept. of Paediatrics)

- Saint Antoine Hospital Paris (Dept. of Immunity and Intestinal Microbiota)

Host Institution

Cherry Biotech


  • Dr P. Gaudriault
  • Dr Antoni Homs Corbera